Fruit Ninja game can totally free your boredom moments.

History of Fruit Ninja
History of Fruit Ninja

History of Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja is one of the most trending games nowadays. This game is widely popular. This is the greatest fruit slicing game in the world.
This game is also known as Fruit Ninja HD on the iPad and Fruit Ninja THD for Nvidia Tegra 2-based Android devices is a video game developed by Halfbrick Studios in Brisbane,Australia. It was released April 21, 2010 for iPod Touch and iPhone devices, July 12, 2010 for the iPad, September 17, 2010 for Android OS devices. It was released for Windows Phone on December 22, 2010. Also, in March 2011, versions for Samsung's Bada and Nokia's Symbian began to be distributed on their respective official application channels.
Just prior to E3 2011 Fruit Ninja Kinect was released for the Xbox 360 on August 10, 2011 and utilizes the Kinect peripheral. Fruit Ninja was also released for Windows 8 on June 7, 2012. An arcade version called Fruit Ninja FX also exists. In the game the player must slice fruit that is thrown into the air by swiping the device's touch screen with their finger(s) or in the case of the Xbox 360 version, the player's arms and hands. It features multiple gameplay modes, leaderboards and multiplayer.
The game was well received by critics and consumers alike; in September 2010 sales exceeded three million downloads, four million in December 2010, and over 20 million across all platforms in March 2011. In May 2012 Fruit Ninja reached 300 million downloads, and was on one third of all US iPhones. Reviewers felt that the low cost of the game combined with addictive gameplay yielded an excellent value. They further lauded the support and updates provided by Halfbrick, who brought online multiplayer, achievements and leaderboards to the game. Some critics felt the game's difficulty curve was uneven.
Fruit Ninja is a fun and very interesting game that ever one would love to spend their free time.. It’s an instant pleasure and one you can find yourself hooked to, determined to post the highest fruit-murdering scores on your account like Facebook. This game is totally challenging.

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