The game oscillates between binary states of chopping fruit and waiting to chop more fruit, with little extraneous cruft to pad the two.

History of Fruit Ninja
History of Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja Kinect

Fruit Ninja has a lot of games that every gamer will definitely love to play. One of Fruit Ninja’s games includes Fruit Ninja Kinect. This is the game where in the sky is still falling, where casual games and up filling shelves and homes while edging out traditional core experiences.
The game oscillates between binary states of chopping fruit and waiting to chop more fruit, with little extraneous cruft to pad the two. There is fruit, and then you chop it, and then the fruit -- in a burst of citrus and points -- is gone!
Fruit Ninja Kinect feels like a game best enjoyed with a group of friends, either in versus multiplayer or by unofficially taking turns in tough single player challenges. This game is also a major workout for your arms. So before you take your tenth turn at trying to slice through 300 fruit in the un-timed Classic mode where success hinges on not missing up to three fruit the third miss results in game over, consider taking a break, or your shoulders are going to be sore in the morning. Accomplishing specific challenges unlocks custom blade types, backgrounds, and shadow effects to customize your player avatar and add a personal touch.
Fruit Ninja Kinect tracks your slices based on your speed, meaning that it generally will only respond to swift movements. This is particularly useful in game modes that require you to show restraint and not hit certain objects, like bombs. While the game is generally rather intelligent in knowing your slicing intentions, sometimes there's a hiccup. The single player game modes Halfbrick has included with Fruit Ninja Kinect are identical to its mobile companions. The game's ""Classic"" mode tasks you with hitting all fruit thrown up on a screen, with the game ending when you miss three or hit a single bomb. The game's timed ""Arcade"" mode gives you one minute to destroy as much fruit as possible, with bonus power up fruits thrown into the mix. Then there's the game's ""Zen"" mode, which does away with all of the bombs and power ups, a minute and a half of mostly stress-free fruit carving.
If you've played Fruit Ninja on a mobile device, you should know what you're getting into with this Kinect iteration. The core gameplay is identical, and it's arguably even more fun using your full body versus lazily swiping a finger across a touchscreen.
Fruit Ninja Kinect doesn't just set a high bar for the flock of touch-based apps which will almost certainly follow in its footsteps to the Kinect platform, it sets a pretty intimidating precedent for the platform altogether.

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