Fruit Ninja Slice of Life Game gives you a real experience of cutting and splicing of fruits that you’ll surely enjoy

History of Fruit Ninja
History of Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja: Slice of Life Game

Fruit Ninja is a juicy game with squishy, splatty and satisfying fruit carnage. Fruit Ninja become the ultimate bringer of sweet, tasty destruction with every single slash.
Fruit Ninja Slice of Life Game is based on the top-selling Apple iOS and Android app, the Fruit Ninja Slide of Life action game turns the fun of the digital app into fast and frenetic physical play. Both kids and adults alike love the app's addictive action of chopping and slicing flying fruit while avoiding the bombs, and now they can do it for real on either the table top or the floor. With two toy ninja swords, 20 physical fruit and bomb pieces, and 40 Fruit Ninja mission cards, this exciting skill and action game allows players to race to physically slash and splatter fruit pieces like true ninja warriors. Fruit Ninja Slice of Life is a two-player game in which the object of the game is to be the first player to complete each fruit mission card and earn the accompanying points. The player with the most points wins and is dubbed the ultimate Fruit Ninja.
The Fruit Ninja Slice of Life game comes with toy swords and an assortment of fruit and bomb pieces. Only two players can play at a time, though. To get the ball rolling?or rather, the fruits a-slicing, you and your partner take turns picking up a mission card from the pile.
You can slice and splatter fruit like a true ninja warrior in the Fruit Ninja Slice of Life Game, adapted from one of the top-selling digital application, Fruit Ninja. Players set up their fruit, turn over a mission card and battle head to head. Players can also slice or chop to flip the fruit pictured by the card. If a bomb is revealed, that player must flip it back and find another fruit. The first player to match the mission wins the card. The first to get five cards wins the game. Those who want to challenge themselves can go for 10. Fruit Ninja Slice of Life Game includes 20 fruit, 2 swords, 40 mission cards and instructions for 2 players.

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