Steps and reminders in playing Fruit ninja in arcade mode.

History of Fruit Ninja
History of Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja in Arcade Mode

Gaming has really taken a leap when portable consoles where produced, and yet it took another huge leap once again, when smart phones and android phones were produced. Many games were made and produced once again that has taken the likings of thousands of gamers and cellphone owners.
Fruit Ninja is one of these games that took a hit in the gaming industry. Well, I for myself has found it very amusing though very simple at first glance. Well, it’s just cutting fruits, what more can it be. I was proven wrong of this idea when I played this amazing game; the Fruit ninja is something that will surely bestow you of an even greater joy.
When playing Fruit Ninja especially in arcade mode, you may find yourself having trouble of increasing your score, which is because of some ignorant thinking that it is an easy game. I once thought of it like that but actually it requires a series of reminders to get that score rolling higher and higher.
First is not to try slicing the fruit individually. Slicing fruit together will get you combos and may earn you more points. And more points are something that you’ll definitely want. If you get to slice 4 fruits at the same time, you get 4 extra points, if you it 6 fruits at a time, then you get 6 extra points.
Well, when you’re playing Fruit ninja, I’m sure you’ve gotten a fruit blitz even once, well, I got one but ever since then, I still find it hard to understand how I got that combo. Here’s how it works. If you slice enough combos, you'll get one of those, gaining extra points. but with more points. Different Blitz includes; Combo Blitz which earns you 5 points plus combos and is received after 3 combos in a row; Great Blitz which gains you 10 points plus combos and is received after 6 combos in a row; Awesome Blitz which is 15 points plus combos and is received after 9 combos in a row; Super Blitz which gives you 20 points plus combos and is received after 12 combos in a row; Hyper Blitz which get you 25 extra points plus combos and is received after 15 combos in a row; and the Unbelievable Blitz which is 30 extra points plus combos, received after 18 combos in a row.
It is also important to get special bananas that will pretty much give you a bonus for a limited time. One special banana, the frenzy, gives you unlimited fruits without a bomb. The freeze banana, slows time and gives you better accuracy when slicing and the double banana gives you double points and both for a limited time only.
Well, in a fruit ninja classic, the bomb ends your game immediately, but in arcade mode it only takes away 10 points and give you 50 points when you hit 3 bombs and receiving the award “Bomb Lover”.
Always enjoy playing Fruit Ninja. Never let patience run out from your system and always be cool while slicing the fruits. Remember that it is not how much fruit you get, it is about how much you make out from them. Become the Fruit ninja god you wanted to be with this simple steps and reminders.

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