Here are some tips to get higher score in Fruit Ninja.

History of Fruit Ninja
History of Fruit Ninja

Tips in getting Higher score in Fruit Ninja

Fruit ninja is definitely addictive. At first glance, I though it will be nothing more than a boring game of slicing and slicing but once I’ve engaged myself in playing, I found it very exciting than what I initially thought it would be. I would really like to get that high score that no one else may attain, but youtube submission of scores in fruit ninja make it seem like it was impossible to exceed them.
Well, so I took my time reading some tips in order to get to be a Fruit Ninja god, well, not literally, just in the game. Brush up your swords and be wary of some of these tips that may help you gain a higher score.
First is that you may keep your finger on the screen. This may not be every gamers’ choice but still, this will deem to be effective in your future exploits while playing fruit ninja. By doing this, you will have faster reaction to fruits and be able to slice them faster rather than taking that split second of putting your finger on and off the screen.
Also, fix your focus in the fruit ninja game that may allow you to sight any changes that may happen to your environment, well in this case, it will allow you to react faster to upcoming fruits and hopefully, bombs too.
You should also avoid aggressively pressing on the screen. You may not notice it but this matter usually is done by many especially on those climatic parts of your play. While playing Fruit ninja, you will see that tapping and pressing lightly will result to a more fluid way of slicing fruits thus making you slice more fruits.
You may also try to combine bananas. While a special banana plays a huge role in Fruit ninja, having both at the same time will definitely help you conquer that high score you’ve got. By doing so, you may also be able to slice down fruit in one fell swoop that will result to a higher score.
Also, don’t be too hasty. Slicing down fruits once it first appears may let you end up getting lower score than you’ve imagined. Waiting for more fruits to appear and simultaneously cutting them all at once will give you even better score. Just beware of that purple bomb and everything will surely be the way you wanted it to be.
Fruit ninja maybe easy at first glance, but if you want to get a high score that will put anyone in awe, then erase the easy part from your mind and play Fruit Ninja at your utmost best. With these tips you’ll surely exceed a high score one after another.

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