Fruit Ninja is a highly popular smartphone game available for Apple and Android products.

History of Fruit Ninja
History of Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja: The Fruit-Slicing Game

Fruit Ninja is probably one of those games that took the smartphone industry by storm with its innovative and one-of-a-kind gameplay where players swiped their screen for an animation of a fruit or several ones getting sliced. In Fruit Ninja, the goal is to continuously build up a combo and last long in the game. First released for Apple products in July 2010 and then for Android products the September of the same year, Fruit Ninja immediately gained popularity with its simple yet fun concept. In Fruit Ninja, there are 3 modes available for play: the Arcade Mode, Classic Mode and Zen Mode. In Arcade Mode, players have 60 seconds to play, with the goal of garnering the highest score available with special fruits giving different bonuses to help the player get the best possible score. The Classic Mode is the standard mode of play wherein the player must slice all the fruits that come up in the screen while avoiding the bombs. Fruit Ninja’s Zen Mode allows player to slice as many normal fruits as they can for 90 seconds. There are no red bombs in this mode and it is only available in the paid version. Fruit Ninja also has a multiplayer gameplay option supported by Apple devices through the Game Center. It allows competitive gameplay and has features leaderboards and achievements. A year after its release, Fruit Ninja Kinect was also released for the Xbox 360. Using this platform, Fruit Ninja gained even more popularity because of the utilization of Kinect’s motion-sensor abilities wherein players standing in front of their television sets wave their arms in a slicing motion instead of the normal finger-swiping. Statistics say that the game Fruit Ninja is installed in as many as one-third of all the iPhones in the world. It reached 300 million downloads just after 2 years of its release. Consumers felt that its low cost, addictive gameplay and overall fun factor contributed to the continued success of the game.

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