Fruit Ninja, a smartphone game which requires a touch screen, is a popular game in the market.

History of Fruit Ninja
History of Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja: The Unhealthy Game of Fruits

Fruit Ninja, along with games requiring a touch screen gadget, has been quite a hit in the market recently. The gameplay of Fruit Ninja includes swiping your device's screen across the fruits thrown on the screen, mimicking a mid-air fruit slicing action. It was first released on iOs gadgets such as Apple's iPhone and iTouch, and later on for the Android market. Without a long or continuous story line, Fruit Ninja requires only the player's speedy reaction time in slicing fruits which fall across their screens. A game over happens when a player fails to slice a fruit for a number of times or has sliced a bomb. Fruit Ninja does not really need a long commitment time, unlike role-playing games or the like. It is a short-term action game which you can come back to anytime without having to worry about losing game credits. These features definitely add to Fruit Ninja's positive reception in the market. With its colorful graphics, enticing sounds, various game modes and exciting gameplay, Fruit Ninja has definitely made a name for itself, meriting even fan videos mimicking the game using real fruits. As one hears the sound of various juicy fruits being sliced open, they have come to associate it with Fruit Ninja. Adults and kids alike have reacted positively to this game. Along with this overwhelming welcome, however, comes an irresistible urge to always beat the high score, resulting to an addiction of players. This graphically enticing game of fruits has become a habit of the digital age. Not unlike other famous games and social networking sites, it has become a replacement for social interaction when things get awkward. For example, we pull out our smartphones, tablets and other similar devices in the midst of a social gathering to replace the awkward silence following the mandatory hellos. Games such as Fruit Ninja have become the modes of interaction for the digital generation. Children have grown up to these games, sadly replacing the childhood we, the older generation, have experienced - a childhood of outdoor games. Albeit carrying a healthy image of dealing with fruits, the game is definitely bad for the health, especially for children, as they will carry this habit of tuning people out when they have their gadgets.

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