Fruit Ninja is a game that is popular for android and Iphone users

History of Fruit Ninja
History of Fruit Ninja

New hit popular game : Fruit Ninja

Touch-based phones have taken over the market since the release of Apple's iPhone and there became plenty of other competitors like Samsung's Galaxy line of phone and Sony's Xperia. At the same time, there became an increase of demand for apps and games for touch-based phones. One of such games released for the iOS and Android devices is Fruit Ninja.
What is Fruit Ninja? Fruit Ninja is a touch-based game available for the Android Market for Android devices and App Store for the Apple devices. Fruit Ninja is a game in which a player tries to slice different fruits by using a sword or blade via the phone's touch pad. The main goal of Fruit Ninja is to get as many points as possible by slicing multiple fruits in one swing. The player must slice all fruits that come out of the screen. When he misses three fruits, the game is over. Another obstacle that players must avoid is the bombs which when sliced causes the game to end. There is also a Zen mode in which you try to score as much as possible in a given amount of time without worrying about the time and bombs. You can also acquire different designs for you blades and backgrounds by achieving a certain goal or requirement.
Fruit Ninja became a popular hit for its innovative and fun gameplay. It is simple and addicting, which anyone and everyone of different ages can enjoy. Fruit Ninja is also available for the Xbox 360 through Xbox Live Arcade. The game is played using the Kinect camera in which the player uses body motion to slice fruits. Fruit Ninja can also be played with other players through Apple's Game Center in which they try to achieve the highest score than the other player.
If there is one game that you should try is Fruit Ninja. It's a simple game that anyone can pickup and play no matter how old or how skilled you are in playing games. Fruit Ninja is one of the best games for the current generation of phones that anyone can play from anytime and anywhere.

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