There are some tips on how you can gain high score in playing Fruit Ninja.

History of Fruit Ninja
History of Fruit Ninja

How to get High Scores in Playing Fruit Ninja Game

Fruit Ninja is one of the best mobile phone games ever created. All you need to do is slice some fruits coming up from the bottom. There are different games to play: Classic, Zen and Arcade mode. Fruit Ninja is the one of the best slasher games on Android and here we have 19 tips to let you get a high score.
A top-quality Fruit Ninja player isn't born - it takes skill, patience, and practice. Or you could cheat a bit and get a master class from the people who made it.
Here are some tips that will definitely help you gain a high score in playing fruit ninja. While paying, keep your finger on the screen this may not be every gamer’s cup of tea, but I find keeping my finger on the screen means you can react more swiftly to cut the fruit when it is thrown up. Having your finger off the screen means you need that split second longer to attack the fruit. Of course the downside to this is you may end up reacting to a bomb as opposed to the fruit. Be careful and listen out for the sizzling noise of a bomb. You must fix your focus as well. This is actually a universal idea for reacting faster to a change of your visual environment in many games or in real life circumstances. By fixing your focus on a particular point in your line of sight you will react faster to any change of your visual environment. This means in the case of the Fruit Ninja game that you will be able react to the fruit coming onto the screen much faster than if your eyes are flickering around all the time.
Avoid aggressive screen pressing: Never press too hard on the screen. This is quite easily done without realizing. Don’t be too hasty: Try not to be too hasty when fruit appears. Slicing every piece of fruit as soon as it comes onto the screen is not always the best option ? especially in arcade mode. Instead wait for as many fruits as possible to be lined up either horizontally or vertically before making your decisive slice. This will create a combo where you will not only receive one point for each piece of fruit but also a good bonus when the game ends. These bonuses are stacked together and added to your final score.

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